Bienvenidos a La Casa Montessori School, a Spanish language immersion Montessori school located in Oak Park, IL.


La Casa Montessori is proud to offer a full Spanish immersion montessori educational experience for children ages 2 to 11 in the Oak Park community.  Our progressive Spanish language Montessori approach and curriculum is geared to educating the whole child; fostering intellectual, creative, social, linguistic, and physical development for children. We stand behind our philosophy to make learning exciting so children enjoy it to the fullest and thrive. 

Our team of bilingual Montessori teachers are trained to energize, focus, and engage your child according to his or her specific needs and abilities. Our goal is to promote positive self image and confidence while encouraging exploration of new experiences and challenges. Believing in the inherent strengths of diverse backgrounds, we celebrate the cultural differences, individual interests and personal talents of our student body.  In such, each child's daily experiences at La Casa Montessori School is unique based on their own learning styles, interests, and motivations.  We celebrate this!

Montessori Method 


We are committed to providing Montessori, child-centered education of superior quality. Enrolling students in Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 5, our objective is educating the whole child, while fostering intellectual, creative, social and physical development.

Spanish Immersion 


La Casa Montessori strongly believes in the power of bilingual language development, offering Spanish immersion across all our programs regardless of age.

Staff & Instruction 


Our small classrooms and low teacher/student ratios provide an environment perfect for language immersion, as teachers are able to provide individual guidance and instruction.